The project aims to create an opportunity for European civil society organisations , associations and NGOs to confront their experiences, share best practices and discuss what the role of organised civil society is to create an European active citizenship and foster a better dialogue between citizens and EU institutions.

Participant organisations are invited to discuss their own experiences, the role and weight of organised civil society in their countries and to present concrete ideas or to expose concrete needs to improve communication among EU citizens and with the EU institutions. The participation of platforms for NGOs at national and European level will provide concrete experiences, broader points of view and create opportunities for exchanges and common work .

Such an event will also give the opportunity to establish a stable communication platform among all the participant organisations.

The programme is articulated in two meetings: the first one in Palermo and the second one in Bucarest

The participations of several organisation from seven European countries in large part coming from new member States will give the opportunity to contribute to a better communication within European organisation and improve the reciprocal understanding among citizens coming from different member States.